Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sweet Paige

In my World of Color and Light Blog there is an entry titled
"Sweet Paige". Go ahead and Google Sweet Paige and see
where it takes you. From my Sitemeter lens, I see folks from
all over the world clicking into the blog from those search
words. How cool is that? I have not yet had the pleasure to
meet our dear Paige in physical reality, but knowing her spirit
and having an intrinsic understanding of just how to LOVE a
girl named Paige, people from all over the world tune in to

Sweet Paige, how sweet is that?



Greetings my friends and fellow contributors to the Treausre Box...
I am deep in hibernation cave. Everyday I sit with the Treasure box and see and experience what is possible
when we embrace the Artist Way. I tune in to Monica's incredible vision for a cure for Breast Cancer with the
PINK ARTIST project and I look at my little 2 x 2" square and I think I'm not even worthy to submit! Monica's
vision and artistry blow my mind...her vision is so great! Thank you my dear. You inspire me in a way that
makes me grateful to have the gift for needle and thread, bead and wire, clay and rag...Monica, Namaste, my
dear goddess woman. I send you blessings of love and gratitude for calling me up to a higher rung of this spiritual
ladder. May you all be happy, and healthy and whole.


Saturday, January 5, 2008

Treasure Box Book Cover

holy crap paige, i keep creating more work for you. know why? Because you want me to. because you asked me to and when I say me I mean my soul. You can be an artist full time Paige, I promise to keep you busy.

"You do not have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body. " C. S. Lewis

TO be created: A cover of some sort for the Treasure box copy of RETURN OF THE GREAT GODDESS

But wait, let's start that with Paige and she sends it to Monica, who sends it to Joanne who sends it to Connie who sends it to Susan who sends it to Griselda.
How does that sound? Leave your mark in what ever form you choose on the sturdy cover that Paige will contruct.....

oh boy....Perhaps I can embroider a mini-version of our sacred crow as a patch....and then maybe Monica could bead it. who knows, but Sacred Crow is taking flight again!