Sunday, February 24, 2008

Plea for Spirit Doll stuff

Hi Everyone,
I hope this finds you well.  I also hope you got a letter inviting you to access the official V-Day website.  I entered the request to our local organizer and hope she has/will follow up. 
When I showed my friend and neighbor Sharon  the treasure box on New Year Eve, she thought it would be cool to allow visitors to our V-Day "Express Yourself" program on Sat. March 15, to make spirit dolls.  I thought it was a cool idea too and now I'm hosting the table that will allow visitors to create their own spirit dolls.  I want this to be a table where a woman can sit down and create something for herself with a little instruction and a pile of fun stuff to choose from. 
Have I mentioned that I've never made a spirit doll?  I've got lots of sticks in  the garage...driftwood from beaches, manzanita from my beloved camp in northern Calif.  So, I was thinking to start with those sticks, wire cab faces to them and then let the visitors wrap them with a prayer for healing and then rags and ribbons and stuff that I can find to add.   
Here's the plea:
I need suggestions, and, I need supplies as there is no budget for that.  Any help or suggestions you could offer would be sooo appreciated.  I guess you know by now that I have a proclivity for jumping off cliffs, trusting in my faith parachute to land me where I'm meant to go and this time, I need all the help I can get!  

Friday, February 22, 2008

Greetings my Sistas

Friday the 22nd of February at the little house:
It's Friday! What happened to Thursday? Oh, that's right, I started by baking a batch of brownies. And then I couldn't move for about 4 hours. They were very strong brownies...all that chocolate, espresso, cinnamon...etc.

I finished my Snake Phobia story and if you haven't read it on my world of color and light blog,

I would surely love your feedback before I seek wider publication. I'm choosing to let the piece steep over the weekend, so if you have a few minutes to give me, I'd really appreciate it. Grammer editing, style and honest feedback are welcomed. Telling me I can't write is not okay.

I got inspired last night and made four art squares for The Pink Artist project:

It was good to get back to the needle and thread, fabric and bead. My favorite square has a Hoffman Fabric Batik backing of muted rainbow shades of stained glass. To this I sewed a 20 year old Anne Klein black face gold watch, just the face, not the strap. I over laid it with organza, and used french knots to anchor the sheer organza down. Just before the last knot, I slipped in a Thank you card in orange, which matched the embroidery floss. It's my favorite and I didn't take a picture of it because I want it's image to be filed with all the other images that Monica will keep of this incredible HEART -TATA gift she's created.

Monica, Namaste`