Friday, March 21, 2008

Epiphany Spirit Dolls

There was a big personal epiphany that came out of the Treasure Box project.  I was asked to host a craft table for Spirit Dolls and as most of you know, this filled me with some trepidation because I'd never made one in my life and didn't know where to begin.  
So, I began with the Treasure Box.  There was so much inspiration there!  I knew we'd brought together a great many elements and there were all your wonderful gifts of completed works that stayed with the box.  And there were lots of cab faces, bits and pieces of wonderful fabric and ribbon. I offered to fly Griselda out here to help me, but alas, she was not available! What she did do was send me a huge number of cabs, and one perfect little packet of the pieces for an art Spirit doll.  It was as magical as you can though she sent me a box of wisdom; that is how I received it.  Thank you, thank you Griselda for your gentle teaching methods. What an inspiration you are!

So the following photos are the epiphany: Beautiful girls and women creating beautiful works of art.  It was such a thrill to facilitate the process simply by showing up with a LOT of fabric, ribbon, scissors and glue!  I can't wait to do it again!  THANKS TO ALL YOU!  If you look closely you may see bits of your treasure box contributions in the dolls posted here.  I had intended for the doll to be below the face of the creator, but that didn't work out with uploading the photos...sorry about that!


darlene aKa HugGeR said...

These Sprit dolls are all so very wonderful. Thanks for sharing!!!!

Griselda said...

Connie, those faces, your students...their hands...amazing.
I hope it is okay that I take your post to my other blogs...I want to share the miracle of your class.
Thank you for taking it all and for making it possible. I am moved to tears, thanks for sharing it with us.

This is my gift to you:

Anything you do from the soulful self will help
lighten the burdens of the world.


You have no idea what the smallest word,
the tiniest generosity can cause to be set in motion.
Be outrageous in forgiving.
Be dramatic in reconciling.


Back up and make them as right as you can,
then move on.
Be off the charts in kindness.
In whatever you are called to,
strive to be devoted to it in all aspects large and small.

Fall short?

Try again.

Mastery is in increments, not in leaps.

Be brave, be fierce, be visionary.

Mend the parts of the world that are "within your reach."
To live this way is the most dramatic gift you can ever give to the world.

Consider yourselves assigned.

-- Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Connie said...

Griselda, dear one,
Yes of course you may share the post, and the perfectionist in me wants the photos to be put together right...face above, hands below. Presently there are several faces who don't have their dolls below them. Can you give me a day to work that out via editing the original post?

Thank you for that amazing Estes gift. I take the assignment! Namaste`

Griselda said...

I did not copy the whole thing (in my Live Journal) just a few and gave them a link back to here so they can enjoy all the blogging about the treasure box.

I am going to have to stay away from your beads, every time I go there I get hooked again!

Connie said...

I understand the bead thing...imagine my predicament now that I have the "oh I'm selling them now, I can buy MORE!!" There is no hope, only surrender!

I'm almost done getting the photos in order, FYI. What fun!

Jo Anne O. said...

These turned out wonderful! Were they all beginners? If so, there IS hope for me! Lovely Connie, thanks for sharing them!

Hélène H said...

Oh, this is truly amazing and beautiful ! Watching all these happy faces and unique dolls sent shivers up my spine !

Congratulations, teacher !