Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Treasure Box Book Cover

Hi all, I hope this finds you well and enjoying spring like weather like the kind we are having in Virginia.  The sky opened up last night after 1pm and healing, nourishing, magical water fell upon our house and home and river in massive quantities.  I was so moved by the sound of that much water falling on land so very thirsty for moisture.  It was a true gift to the universe and I feel heartened that the Great Mother is and will always heal herself with the nurturing that Father Sky is able to provide. 
So, here's the book cover.  I'm so sorry I didn't work harder/faster to send it around. Once I stared with crystals, I couldn't stop until every circle on the front cover was adorned with a sparkle.  The spine features some beautiful findings from the treasure box itself...Joanne or Grace I think added those.  
My last task is to find a pretty box big enough to hold all this.  I have a Playstation 3 box that even has a handle, but somehow it just doesn't feel right...unless I cover it with tissue paper and modge podge it...I don't know...any suggestions?  
The auction is only 9 days away.  The following day is the class and I'm very nervous.  I plan to take lots of time next week preparing for that.  I will tell you what I learn, hopefully, it will include humility.  I make that my intention.
Love and light to you all,

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