Monday, March 3, 2008

Griselda Treasure

Greetings all, 
I hope this finds you well and doing good work!  Monica, we know you are sewing like a mad woman and Paige may be whoopin on her husband or children cuz I think she's getting that cabin fever thing, poor dear.  I send you both bright white light to warm your tasks, triumphs and trevails.

Gris and I engaged in the T word that can't be said on Etsy cuz they don't like the T word cuz it kind of leaves them out and I completely understand that, but there are some trades that are meant to be beyond the realm of commerce and this is one of them.  The photo is what Gris sent me for the spirit doll class on the 15th.  Perhaps I can get a photographer to show you how it went, I'll at least photograph all the dolls that get made.
Griselda, your generosity is an inspiration and leaves me humbled.  I don't feel that the beads can even begin to hold the energy of all that you packed into a small priority mail box.  The cabs are absolutely stunning and just right for our purposed. Your energetic wisdom is received and I "get" now how this might go for me.  I haven't yet made my first doll, but I hope that will be this week.  When I look at those of yours that I've collected, I'm once again, inspired and humbled.  

I'm looking forward to getting to the garage and starting to cut up old clothes for rags.  Thankfully I've got LOADS of yarn from my mad-scarf knitting days and am feeling under control with this new venture.  I don't know why I've been called to it but there are no mistakes and Divine intention is at work.
I send you all blessings of love.


The Artist said...

wow....I nearly fell off my chair...!
I was about to ask you if you had those cabs, so glad they made it safe and that they will be "planted" as was my intention...quite honestly, I did not do much other than to follow my heart (as you asked) because I am mad about beads and whatever I can send out there to inspire new sisters to create is my reward.
So.... lets see what shows up from here on!
Hugs and all my best, I still need to work on my necklace, but time is not quite there for me. I need a whole evening if I am going to do something fun with them. I'll show you when it is done.
Thanks for "playing" the T.... game. :)

Connie said...

I love the image of you falling off your chair...may it always be a soft landing dear one!